Why Choose Finn

Why settle for average entertainment when you can have extraordinary? Here are some of the many reasons we think Finn is the best choice to make your event unforgettable.

Modern Magic For The 21st Century

Say goodbye to outdated, cheesy magic shows that make you roll your eyes. Finn brings a fresh perspective to classic magic, combining modern mind-reading and cutting-edge illusions that genuinely wow audiences. Plus, Finn’s attire is flexible to match the tone of your event, whether it calls for a polished suit and tie or a laid-back t-shirt and shorts.

Uplifting Audience Participation

Some people hesitate to volunteer at comedy clubs or magic shows for fear of embarrassment. With Finn, there’s no need to worry. His performances aim to empower, not belittle. While some magicians engage in combative exchanges with spectators, that’s not Finn’s style. Everyone should feel welcome and appreciated during his shows.

Versatile Comedy

Every event is unique, and Finn understands that. Whether you’re organizing a corporate gathering that requires HR-friendly humor, a children’s party that calls for family-appropriate laughs, or a house party that welcomes more riskee jokes – Finn knows how to read the room. Rest assured, the comedy is clean, clever, and customized for your audience.

Engaging & Exciting Entertainment

Magic should be more than a magician playing with props. Finn focuses on the most important element of any event: the guests. Prepare for a rollercoaster ride of mind-blowing illusions, jaw-dropping mind reading, and side-splitting humor that makes your event memorable and fun for everyone involved.


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